About Me

International Experienced SEO consultant

I am an internationally experienced SEO consultant based in Ireland with the mission of helping businesses to grow online. 

I am passionate about all things SEO and being up to date with trends and new technologies to run the best campaigns.


I am an experienced SEO consultant with a professional background combining Web Development, Google AdWords and SEO. All of it with great marketing expertise and experience from years in the market. I am currently web marketing manager @ edesk.com


Through my consulting I specialise in technical SEO, in particular I working with ecommerce businesses to make sure Google can fully understand your website and making sure all your important pages are being indexed. 


Give me a call and let´s talk about what we can do for you. 

Why choose us

Our clients to choose us primarily because we get the results, and we get results because with give a combination of attention, experience, knowledge and hard work. And they know it. 

 And our clients like the idea of having a provider to take of their digital presence. That can craft a perfect website to get conversions and run the campaigns on search engines to make the most of it by delivering to the right audience.  

Some brands we worked with:

Social Media​​

From Facebook to Linkedin, It's never been easier to get your business in front of potential customers.


It's not magic, just hard work. Getting to page 1 of Google and staying there can completely change your business.


Put your business in front of customers precisely when they are searching for the products and services you offer.


Got a quote on a website and not sure if you are getting ripped off? Or maybe you are paying a lot for advertising with little return. I'm here to help

Web Design​

Every business is different so every website should be.

Email Marketing

Worked hard to acquire that customer? Email marketing is an often overlooked customer retention strategy.