About Me

International Experienced SEO consultant

I am an internationally experienced SEO consultant based in Ireland with the mission of helping businesses to grow online. 

I am passionate about all things SEO and being up to date with trends and new technologies to run the best campaigns.


I am an experienced SEO consultant with a professional background combining Web Development, Google AdWords and SEO. All of it with great marketing expertise and experience from years in the market. I am currently Head of  Strategy at Vine Digital.


Through my consulting I specialise in technical SEO, in particular I working with ecommerce businesses to make sure Google can fully understand your website and making sure all your important pages are being indexed. 


Give me a call and let´s talk about what we can do for you. 

Advantages of a local provider

Choosing a local agency that knows the people in your region and how to market to them and achieve the best results.


We know how they behave, we know their values what makes our work much more valuable and our campaigns much more effective. 



We run the campaigns for our customers as they were our campaigns because we are looking to grow together. We are a provider that gives all respect and time your business deserves and more important don´t treat your business just like another number in a spreadsheet.

Why choose us

Our clients to choose us primarily because we get the results, and we get results because with give a combination of attention, experience, knowledge and hard work. And they know it. 

 And our clients like the idea of having a provider to take of their digital presence. That can craft a perfect website to get conversions and run the campaigns on search engines to make the most of it by delivering to the right audience.  

Some brands we worked with:

What we can do for you to improve your results in Naas and Kildare area


We have large experience in SEO projects for every type of business. We have the know-how to perform a comprehensive audit to find any issue in your website, the knowledge to plan how to achieve the best positions on Google and the network to build an online foundation to your website.


Paid Media 

We have the experience to run the perfect campaign for the budget you have maximizing the results and return on investment. Running campaigns that will make your business be seen and engage customers to visit your website getting to know your products and services. 


Web Design 

Developing a website can look like an easy task, in the beginning. However, an engaging website to deliver results is a whole different story. 

We can create websites and landing pages to highlight your business, engage customers with the right information in the right way. 

And remember, a great website can optimize your costs helping your campaigns to deliver much more. 

Social Media​​

From Facebook to Linkedin, It's never been easier to get your business in front of potential customers.


It's not magic, just hard work. Getting to page 1 of Google and staying there can completely change your business.


Put your business in front of customers precisely when they are searching for the products and services you offer.


Got a quote on a website and not sure if you are getting ripped off? Or maybe you are paying a lot for advertising with little return. I'm here to help

Web Design​

Every business is different so every website should be.

Email Marketing

Worked hard to acquire that customer? Email marketing is an often overlooked customer retention strategy.