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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website's ranking in search engine results, predominately Google.

Irelands leading SEO consultant

An SEO agency that really cares about your success and your company will not be only another client. When looking for a digital agency it is hard to find the one that will really deliver the work you need to grow and reach the first page of Google. 

In an industry where all providers claim to have a secret recipe for SEO campaigns, you may find it is hard to decide which provider to choose. But the bottom line is nobody has a perfect recipe or inside knowledge from Google or Facebook. 

You need a provider that will put time and effort into understanding your business and the SEO landscape for your field. And that is what Cillianbc focuses on, so we can build the right campaign for your business to succeed online. 

Our method for providing SEO services has been built over the years with the experience from several projects. With every project and client we work with, we continuously improve our knowledge and processes.

It is really important as Google evaluates over 200 factors to deliver the results of a single query, with so many factors, a dedicated SEO consultant that lives the industry is the answer to how to achieve the first page on Google.

Cillianbc is an ROI digital marketing agency based in Naas, all of our actions are meant to get you more conversions through organic search by finding the right target market and putting your business in front of them. After all, a huge audience that does not convert will not influence the growth of your business 


Set objectives

We analyse where you are now and set the objectives for your project, objectives that are ambitious but achievable.

Work 1 on 1

We do not outsource, all projects are handled by the consultants at Cillianbc, we are a small agency, but we focus on having experience and bright people to do the most of it.

Get results

Your success means our success, a business relation where both sides grow together. We track your project success based on conversions, leads and growth.

Why work with me

We use proven SEO processes for a successful project by having very interesting leads on your website.

Technical Audit

The SEO project starts with a deep technical analysis of your website. We review main aspects to understand your current place by audit your content, identifying technical gaps, and develop a site architecture.

Keyword & Intent Analysis

We use the best tools in the industry to undertake keyword research by assessing your website, competitors, and industry to identify the best opportunities for an ROI driven strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Analysing your competitors to understand which strategies they are using and obtaining an overview. So, we can know how to overcome their rankings and get high-value traffic.

Content Creation

Once we have identified the most important keywords and your competition strengths and weaknesses, we will work on developing highly relevant and quality content in current and new pages to skyrocket your rankings.

On-Page Optimisation

The on-page optimisation is the foundation for your SEO success. On this section of the project, we will improve load speed, metadata, internal link structure, images, and site architecture.

Link Building

This step involves analysing your link profile, disavowing links that hurt your website and developing a white-hat link building strategy to increase your authority on the internet.

Ongoing Content Strategy

SEO is a continuous activity and it is important to keep building relevant content to keep SEO success. It includes building a content calendar and curating content for your organic market campaigns.

Reporting & Tracking

The project also involves tracking the results to know what is working and what needs to be improved. Also, reporting on your website rankings, traffic, visibility, and optimisation based on the data.

About SEO Naas Services

How SEO Naas works

As you got here, there are high chances that your business or website needs a hand to grow online. The SEO Naas is the right provider to a winner search engine optimisation strategy.

We know there is a lot of information on SEO projects and services out there and most of them can be conflicting or confusing. And it is inevitable to find the right information as there are too many articles contradicting each other.

The truth is that SEO works are a process where search engines crawl and read website content in order to evaluate and give a score to each page that will show up on the results pages accordingly.

Google ranks the website using a complex mathematical formula with more than 200 signals in its algorithm to display the best results. Our team consists of a group of experts to provide SEO services in Naas to undertake strategies on the most important ranking factors.

Our SEO team understands the best methods and strategies that can achieve the most results for your business that are not theoretical content or charts that do not become conversions. The most important metric to us is ROI and to have the best ROI possible we drive relevant and highly interested traffic so your campaign is lucrative and profitable.

We are specialised in several types of SEO projects, so we can help you to drive local high profitable traffic to your business, nation-wide traffic or ranking in international markets if you want to sell abroad.

SEO Service Delivering Sustainable Organic Traffic

SEO is a powerful method to generate traffic and conversions to your website and works by building a valuable foundation, unlike the traditional marketing mediums. The traditional methods involve paying an amount to reach to an audience that not always is interested in your products and services

SEO is a marketing strategy that focuses on making people interested in your products and services to find your business.

Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing activity that focuses on customers, very different from sending unwanted emails, cold calling, or pop ads on a website that only annoy users. With SEO you appear to your audience when they are looking for it.

The fact SEO is less intrusive for consumers is a good method to make your brand likeable as it does not reach out to an unwilling audience with irrelevant information to their current moment.

With this strategy, you provide valuable content and information that address their specific needs of the clients so the potential customers will be helped by you in the exact moment they need you.

Why SEO is Important for Your Business

Advertising is expensive, 84% of Google revenue comes from the articles on search results and in the middle of articles in the most various websites. And you are not aware of it, Google AdWords gets more expensive every day and you will be always having the need to increase your investment. SEO will help you to reduce the investment in advertising while building a sustainable source of revenue for your business.

With SEO, you enhance the online presence of your website and get seen by potential customers on Google results pages. The success of the project is the balance of appealing to Google´s factors while keeping a strong user experience that sells to users.

Google’s objective is to show the best website to its searchers and really provide value to the user. Organic marketing is about finding what people are looking for and precisely curating information that will help users in their journey.

Benefits for Your Business

The benefits of SEO to your business is to increase the qualified traffic that gets you conversions through more visibility on Google.

We track and measure how successful your SEO campaign is by the ROI and conversions, we believe that increased visibility in search engines through SEO is beneficial to your website, but making sales and generating revenue is the most important part.

A part of SEO is identifying the rights queries as there is a huge difference between informational queries and buying queries when it comes to searching on the internet. For example, “furniture materials” and “3 seat sofa for sale” have a very different intent behind it. The second example has fewer searches for sure, however, people that search for it are ready to buy a product and being in front of them at the right moment is key for success in SEO.

SEO Delivers Long Term Success

SEO is very different from PPC (pay per click) and Paid to advertise as it is meant to be a lasting asset that is not directly depending on the budget you put on. While advertising depends on the investment and traffic will be over at the end of the campaign SEO works behind the scenes to deliver constant sales.

The good thing about SEO when compared to most digital marketing and advertising methods is that the return on investment will grow and keep being delivered for months and years after the investment was done.

Our SEO services can be customised to serve your business goals building a framework that is scalable and responsive to your digital needs, so you have everything you need to grow.

Our Approach to Search Engine Optimisation

Our search marketing approach has been improved over the years and working with almost every industry out there. And most important, we never learn what is key as SEO is dynamic and changes often.

Our SEO experts have the knowledge and experience to audit and analyse your current content and position to identify why you are being held back.

After the analysis is time to put the hands on your website and make improvements on and off-site based on rich research of keywords and key phrases to drive the right audience to your business.

Researching your industry and competition is key to develop suitable and winning SEO strategies to rank better than your competitors for the most profitable keywords.
The SEO strategy includes creating and curating content that is relevant to your industry and target audience to increase your search engine visibility and user engagement.

Why Choose Cillianbc for SEO Services Naas?

SEO is an activity to improve the organic visibility that is very powerful and trackable to ensure results. As a focused Naas SEO Agency, we will help your business to find potential customers and turn them to new leads as a foundation for your business growth.


As you get to this page you are experiencing how powerful search engine optimisation is when getting the potential customer first-hand. Ranking for searches such as “SEO Naas” and “SEO Company Naas” are very difficult terms when trying to get new customers ahead of our competitors that work in the SEO industry in Ireland.


So, you can see that our specialists develop strategies and implement changes that create real results for Cillianbc in a highly competitive keyword and they can do the same for your business.


To outrank the competitors in your industry you need to work with a capable SEO provider who understands which factors are putting your competitors ahead and create the right strategy to catch up with them and overcome for the profitable keywords on the plan.


As we are a dedicated Naas SEO agency working with business from various industries and sizes we are able to improve their organic visibility. It includes knowing which factors are more impactful to each niche to make the most of your SEO project.


Our SEO team is always monitoring changes on search engines and their rankings factor. It allows us to keep up with the latest algorithm changes and stay on top of the search results. It is different from other SEO agencies that are always offering a smorgasbord of online marketing and social media services, and do not have time to keep up with the SEO landscape and offer high-value service.


When comparing to an Olympic athlete, we are a 100m runner that trains exclusively for this competition and is the best at it, while most of the competitors are training several different types of sports and being pretty good at them, but not perfect as we are in SEO.


There are several companies competing for the first position on Google for the same keywords that you want to be. If you are seeing the same company always showing up for the best keywords on the first search page there is a good chance they have been working with a marketing agency to have a solid SEO foundation and strategies for a long time, and every day it passes by, you will be a little bit behind.


It means they are implementing several changes in an SEO process for a good time that has been helping them to improve their content and authority to reach the top. To catch up to them, you need an SEO team that understands exactly why and how they have done it and have the knowledge to deliver the right strategy.


But do not worry, you may have started your organic marketing plan later, but Google and other search engines are always crawling and reading pages to serve the best results making the ranks change as they find new best websites and to keep it fresh.


Being at the top of the results for a couple of years is not a ranking factor, so it is possible that a new website can take this spot by providing that there is new and more relevant information and complying with the best SEO practices and ultimately outranking them.


Working with the best SEO Company Naas is the right decision for you that is looking for a way to expand your online visibility and get your business going online. And you need to think that every dollar you put in SEO is going to build the future of your website which is different to other strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC), Google AdWords or social media (Facebook). And the benefits of an SEO strategy developed by experienced experts will be incredible to your business getting much more than you paid for.


Being in the search engine results for relevant terms with high purchase intent is the best way to get the right leads to your business. The main difference between SEO and traditional advertising is that the first is an inbound strategy of online marketing.


It means that you will not reach out to customers at the moment when they are doing something else and not even thinking about your product or service, SEO is a strategy where customers will get in touch at the precise moment that they are looking to learn more about or purchase your product or service.


One important note is that the conversion rate from SEO traffic is higher than other methods having a better ROI in comparison to traditional outreach marketing.


At Cillianbc we are specialised on implementing white hat SEO strategies to improve your search presence long-term. It is possible thanks to the creation of sustainable and scalable strategies that continuously serve your company for months and years to come and even after you have paid your final invoice. Naas is a very competitive market in Ireland, so you need a partner that is skilful and able to provide that best strategy in order to surpass the competition.


Unlike other SEO agencies, we do not focus on random keywords to drive an underperforming audience that does not buy your services and only make the agency look good in the SEO reports. Our success in a project is measured by the ROI and how much your business has grown, not the number of keywords or visitors that can be meaningless if you do not get sales.

So, How Do SEO Services in Naas Work?

The SEO services work in Naas as very dynamic and change according to the trends and changes of search engines. You are going to see we are tweaking and improving your website to get ahead of the competitors and maintain the best positions on the search engine results. 


And it reflects the SEO landscape as it is always changing, and a dedicated SEO team is always trying to understand where the Google algorithm is changing and make it worth to your website and make a positive impact. 


In 2017 a report produced by Moz has discovered that on-page SEO keyword usage is a very important on-site ranking factor that helps Google to decide where a website will appear in the search results. It means that to get to the top of Google, you need comprehensive and relevant keyword research and implement them on the pages across of your website to drive organic traffic to your website. Keyword research is an essential part of an SEO project to identify keyword intent, keyword difficulty, keyword trends, and find out which keywords your competitors rank for so we can get their rankings and find the most profitable keywords.

How We Increase Your Rankings

As you have got until her you know that SEO services are a very effective way to get quality leads and sales for the growth of your website.

Working with Cillianbc for your SEO project, you will get to attract high-converting, relevant, and customers who are interested in and looking for your services or products. We do all the heavy work to research and get precise information on the target audience to rank your website in front of competition in the moment the clients are looking to hire your services or buy your products. We will design a blueprint for your SEO project and implement the on-site optimisation so you can expand and scale up your website structure as your business revenue and traffic grows. We are transparent with all the actions we take, we will help you to succeed in the search engine results and empower you to take control of your online presence.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is an important part of website optimisation where we work on elements of your website to increase rankings and visits from search engine results.

In simple terms our team will conduct a SEO Audit on all of the on website SEO elements that affect the search engines scanning in order to understand and classify your website pages. Cillianbc will create content that search engines can scan and easily understand to make our website more relevant.

Despite creating content that the bots from search engines can easily scan (a crucial part of an SEO project ), we will be creating content that engages visitors on your website. Creating pieces of content that make users interested in enhancing the user experience an important part of getting more conversions from your traffic.

The On-page SEO and technical audit is an initial step of an SEO project that is in place to improve your current website and content at first to make the most of your current content to improve your presence on search engines straightway. It is an improvement that can increase visitors and conversions in the initial steps of your project already.

Content Marketing

Your website content marketing plays a very important role in the ranking of a website for several keywords and it includes its quantity and quality. In 2016 a report developed by Backlinko discovered that the average length of content on-page that ranks in Google’s first page is 1890 words. It is a huge amount and very scary for most of the business owners as creating that amount of content for over hundred landing pages for ranking for several keywords is important to your business.

Working with an SEO Company based in Naas, allows you to have a specialised provider to handle your content marketing by creating a content template for you, so we can create multiple landing pages together without being penalised as they will be unique and relevant. Cillianbc will create a sustainable content marketing campaign that you can follow and scale to grow your business online.

Title Tags

Title tags are a very important SEO element for relevancy signals search engines are looking for. In a simple way, the page titles should communicate the purpose of the pages of your webpages. Your title tag needs to summarise what is the content of your webpage and use relevant terms for the SEO project. Title tags are very relevant for getting clicks on the search results pages as it can engage and compel users to click.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is also an important tag, even though it does not directly influence the rankings. It is known as Google has announced the It is important to not include meta descriptions as a ranking factor in 2008. Despite it, the meta descriptions are shown on the search engine results pages and users read it when they are deciding which pages to click on influence the click-through rate.

We worked with very small to medium businesses in the past and we could see very good results from optimising meta description and improving the click-through rate which help to get more visitors on the website.

Local SEO for Local Visibility

It is very hard to get on page 1 of Google for every keywording your niche to generate very relevant traffic to your website. For small and medium business, the local SEO is the best method to get results as it focuses on ranking from a keyword on your region and get traffic and conversions without competing with the big players in the niche. There are several strategies on your page and off-site in order to improve your local SEO visibility.

Internal Link Strategy

Our team of SEO experts based in Western Ireland will also work on your internal linking strategy. If you have been in contact with an SEO provider or have read some about it, you know how crucial the backlinks or external links are to your website reputation.

But what a lot of people are not aware of is the role of internal linking structure in making your contents appear to search engines and rank better. It is possible as the internal structure of links ensure the bots of the search engines get to the most relevant pages of your content and identify how important they are for your website.

Off-Site SEO

The off-site SEO is about the SEO factors that are out of the website, it means factors that search engines get from other websites on the internet about your website and brand. When ranking websites to appear in the search results, optimising the external factors of your website involves creating an online presence for your domain in order to improve its relevance, trustworthiness, and popularity.

The name of the process is link building, and it works to prove your website is a real business and can be trusted by search engines and customers. It also involves making sure the backlink profile has valuable links that are high-quality to demonstrate the trustworthiness and affirm domain authority. It is an important part of an SEO project, but we don’t use quick win tactics as buying links from sketchy providers such as SEO link packages that are not quality links and can end up hurting the website results. It is important to build authority over time with healthy strategies that you help to get results.

Google My Business (GMB)

Another important piece of SEO is claiming your Google my business listing as it is important to your website performance. It is very important to local business small and medium business as it influences local SEO and helps you to rank well for better local keywords.

Google My Business is important to provide google with relevant information of your business and to get reviews from customers signs that will help you to improve local rankings. It is the most powerful of business citations and it is important to ensure Google My Business has accurate information on name, phone number and address.

Grow With SEO

Every SEO project we work follows our core mission that is to consistently increase the visibility of your business, the traffic, the leads and ultimately conversions. The project is to get better positions to important keywords every month, as you are not going to rank first in every keyword, but when you get positions to the right keywords and can grow and achieve very good SEO results.

How Much Does SEO Naas Cost?

SEO projects in Nass have very different prices and depend on the agency you hire alongside with your industry niche and competition. With the difference in tools, structure, and level of professionals of the agency, the price of the service can vary from €1,000 per month to €5,000+ per month.

What’s a Fair Price for SEO Naas?

The best answer to this question is not the one you want for, but it varies according to your goals, industry, and business. But you will explain to you how the SEO price is calculated.

To undertake an SEO project properly it is necessary to have throughout the planning and great resources. To achieve and maintain your website on the first page of Google as it is very competitive for several keywords
and requires very specialised knowledge of its principles to develop the best strategies for you.

Another point is that SEO is meant to develop long-term results through a marketing strategy that will benefit your website from the beginning of the implementation to the future years. In order to obtain success it requires a huge amount of time in planning, and ongoing work for months increasing the hours spent on the project.

All those factors play a role when someone asks how much the SEO project costs, it is just like asking a travel agent how much they are going to spend on a full holiday with all the expenses. As the holidays are too many factors to determine how much the project will cost and which other factors are going to affect the overall costs of the project from beginning to end as each agency will price it differently.

The list of factors for determining the search engine optimisation price is very long and the quality of the Naas SEO provider to achieve your business overall objectives and strategies. And this company in Ireland will end up getting a different quote based on their current status, the provider they seek and how comprehensive the project is. Here are the factors:


The competition of the industry you are in it is the main factor for costs as there are fields that are much harder to rank for and they need much more time and resources to get there. While less competitive market that is much fewer resources and time-consuming

Target areas

The target areas for your SEO project also influence and are relevant to the price of your project. It happens as a small business ranking for some local suburbs or a city will require less time and resources than ranking for the whole western Ireland. It also influences a business that wants a project countrywide or in international markets.

Campaign objectives

The goals of your business for SEO and the influence on how much you are going to spend on the project. Ranking for a reduced number of keywords or one or two services will require much less effort and resources than ranking for over a hundred keywords and a dozen services for example.

Previous SEO work and current status

It also can influence the price of the SEO project as a website that already has great content and is ranking may need less time to achieve results. When there is the need for correcting old SEO tactics made by another provider it can require more resources and be more costly.

The agency you hire

This is an important factor when hiring a reliable SEO provider in Naas such as Cillianbc that is trustworthy and has experts with high-level knowledge on SEO. With our very transparent with the costs of your SEO project and the timelines for completing tasks and achieving good results.

How Much Should You Pay for SEO?

There is no right question for it, as we have mentioned the several factors before, there is no simple price tag to put in an SEO project, and not all SEO agencies will be able to deliver the same level of results and service quality. So, the investment will depend on the analysis of the provider and achieve the results you expect from the SEO project.

To have an idea of the price for your SEO project talk to one of our specialists by filling our form.

Are We the Right Naas SEO Agency for Your Business?

Search engine optimisation is a long-term marketing activity and strategy to deliver long-term results and leads to your brand while building brand awareness and relationship with customers.
Cillianbc got the structure, resources and team to help your business with a comprehensive SEO campaign to improve traffic, leads and conversions as a long-term investment that will provide results to you for years. In this service, we will provide proper advice with honesty and transparency, so you understand each step of the process while we grow your online presence.
To arrange a consultation, fill in the contact form below, head over to our contact page.