PPC Consultant

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising. It is a cost-effective way of advertising your business on search engines like Google and directly on websites.

Why PPC?

With PPC, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, and you also have control over both how much you pay per click and the budget you allocate to a given campaign. PPC advertising allows you to get your business in front of the right people in just a few minutes. Gone are the days of putting an ad in the paper and hoping for the best.

How can PPC help My business?

Reaching your target audience through organic means(SEO) is a long term commitment that, while worthwhile, does not get you in front of your target audience immediately. PPC allows advertisers to do just this.

There are numerous PPC platforms available, but Google Ads(previously Google Adwords) is by far the most popular. Google ads come under five main areas.

Paid Search Ads

These are the paid text ads you generally see at the top of a google search results page.

Shopping Ads

These ads also appear at the top of the search results page, but instead of a text ad, they feature product images.

Display Ads

These are the paid text ads you generally see at the top of a google search results page.

Re-marketing Ads

Re-marketing ads allow you to continue advertising to users of your website even after they have left your site.

YouTube Ads

Youtube ads allows you to target users in a variety of ways through the Youtube platform. These ads can appear before or during videos or in youtube search results.

These advertising methods operate primarily on the PPC model though there are other options within. Bing and Social media advertising Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin also offer pay per click platforms.

Our expertise across these platforms means we can develop a comprehensive PPC strategy for your business.

How can I help

I have over 15 years of experience across multiple markets and industries, and my results and ROI orientated approach means that every campaign is different. There is no size fits all approach or plans; I treat every business distinctly.

Why Speak to me About PPC

  • Experience working with both worldwide brands and small-medium business.
  • Already have a PPC campaign and not getting results? My data-driven approach and dedication will get you the results you need.
  • I am results-driven and take a holistic approach to your digital marketing strategy.
  • Do you have a brand-new website or about to go live and need to get traffic now? PPC provides instant visibility and can get sales and leads coming in the door straight away.


  • While every business’s needs are different, One thing is the same for all my clients is my NO RETAINER approach. The vast majority of small & medium businesses do not need to be paying an agency hundreds or thousands of Euro every month to complete busy work. 

Talk to me about my NO RETAINER approach today


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Put your business in front of customers precisely when they are searching for the products and services you offer.


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